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First of all, we hope that you enjoy the selected products in the shop as much as we do. The Gentlemen’s Life shop was started by a group of men, out of frustration towards the existing online web shops and blogs aimed at the accessories for men. We think that existing web shops are usually bloated with both too much items, cheap looking, so called ‘gadgets’ or ‘accessories’ shops. On the other side, there are plenty of wonderful blogs aimed at the modern gentlemen, full of inspirational, unique, and handcrafted products. After falling in love with the product, you will be linked from the blog to the brand’s unique website and get shocked with the expensive price tag – not to mention the international shipping costs. We bet you recognise this as the modern gentleman.

Gentlemen’s Life its aim is to select and present essential accessories for the modern gentlemen for an affordable price. We don’t have an enormous collection because we only sell products that we’ve tested and actually use ourselves as men in daily life. Plastic is inevitable, but we love products with glass, stainless steel, leather and wood. Some call it durable, but we think it also looks very stylish on the modern gentlemen!

Our strategy is to keep the prices affordable, create happy returning customers, and thereby reducing the need for expensive marketing and ad campaigns. To keep our free international shipping sustainable we ship your products without the fancy bulky boxes but, in an efficient and well-protected packing material.

Gentlemen’s Life

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